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Better tomorrow for our youth

Christopher Laster is a native of Philadelphia and an elder of the street life who has served over 21 years in Federal and State prisons for his role as an enforcer for the JBM – Junior Black Mafia – one of the most notorious street organizations in the history of organized crime. He isn’t proud of his past but want to take this opportunity and platform to save our youth from that same path.

Christopher realized that he couldn't read early in elementary school.  He would cut up in class if the teachers called on him to read to take away the attention on the real problem.  He was promoted throughout school because of his ability to play sports extremely well.   It was in the prison walls that he realized that he was dyslexia and was able to self teach himself to read.  Once he got the hang of reading, he read everything in site.  He never dreamt he could write a book.  Today he has two published books, "Why Kids Join Gangs" and "The Bully".  He has over 20 books written fir children that he is working on publishing.   

Today after undergoing disciplined years of education, introspection and spiritual cultivation, Christopher has renounced the street life, and his association with the crime and violence that led to his incarceration. He wrote “Why Kids join Gangs” and “Bullying” to offer insight and awareness to every American who cares about the future of the 9 to 15 million at-risk youth on the verge of premature death or incarceration.

Christopher was awarded "The Peace Award" by the warden of Jonesville Federal Prison in Jonesville, Virginia for conflict and resolution tactics with the prisoners.  He was often called upon to help resolve conflict among the inmates.    He has truly turned his life around in a very positive manner and strive to make positive impacts in the world.