Black's Journey Publishing Company

Better tomorrow for our youth

Our Story

We have loved every minute of our journey. We never in our wildest dreams every imagined that we could      publish books. One of our authors had given several of his stories to a now renowned known author and was not given one dime for his works. She eventually made millions off of his two stories. After hearing that, we decided that we would take his next work and publish it on our very own. Our first author was incarcerated in prison, check out our Authors page and meet him. He has committed his life to writing books that would have our youth and their parents to understand how to stomp out bullying and gangs. We are on a mission to change, one child, one community, one parent, etc… at a time. We are proud of our journey – “Black’ Journey”.

An Idea is Born

Our Author Christopher Laster – AKA – “Black” had provided an author for several of his stories and was literally ripped off. He was incarcerated and was taken advantage of totally. After, sharing with him and convincing him that his life of crime and how he turned his life around in prison was very valuable to the world today. He had some great insight on gangs and bullying. What caused him to land in prison could certainly shape and save our youth today. The ideal was born for him to write books to help change our youth and to give them a better future. Out of this ideal, the birth of “Why Kids Join Gangs and “Bullying” were born.   Who would have ever thought that Christopher AKA "Black" would become a published author?   Watch-out world for all he has to share!!!!